I came, I saw, I summer funked then had an after party at my place!

Remember about 2 weeks back I posted an invitation I had received about a party that was happening in Schaapkraal?

So myself and a girlfriend (Her name’s Lemeez, you’ll hear more about her in the coming posts) went to see what this event was about and it nogals turned out to be a decent jol. It was this guy, Kieren Philander’s idea to have this event. He had done so some previous clubbing type events before and I’m guessing just wanted to try something new by having it at a very peculiar location with a “house party” type of feeling, and lets be honest, they are the best kind of parties to have.

Summer Funk Visual 2

The vibe was good and the music was going. It filled up very quickly and I even saw some familiar faces, which I love when I’m doing the local party scene. I’m glad I went and supported and I’ll definitely go to more of these in the future. Nothing makes me happier than dancing my ass off, having a good time with good people and of course not having to drive very far.

Summer Funk Visual 1

After the event I then proceeded to grab a few of the party guests I knew and we continued with our own little party well into the next morning because why must I stop when I’m having a lekker time man? Definitely well worth the headache I woke up with later that day.

Well done to all who put this party together. I hope to see many more innovative events like this one in the future.



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