My top 5 of the week (1st to 7th March)

Most of the time I see a lot of things I like, or experience, or just find interesting. It doesn’t matter what they are or where it comes from as long as it catches my attention (which can be very hard to do sometimes) So I decided to put together a top 5 of my favourite things each week and share this with you as often as I can. (Which would be the following Monday)

Below is last weeks top 5

The new TV ad from Santam that I stumbled upon on Channel24. The concept being that our country is so wonderfully unique that we need unique insurance…which, in this case, is offered by Santam. Anything that promotes the culture and crazy personality of our country gets my approval any day.

This weird but very sweet viral video that show us that love doesn’t judge us by who we are because we are all the same in the inside. Definitely made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside while watching it. Very cute.




The gigantic fire that raged over our mountains last week. Pretty scary stuff, considering I could see it from my house!! (And in typical coloured style, some people even parked at the local petrol station in Muizenberg to stare at it when it was at its worst…I was not one of these people though) Well done to all the firefighters and volunteers who helped put the fire out. You guys are amazing people. I think that we should never underestimate the power of nature, so next time you throw your cigarette bud out the window, please consider that it can actually start a fire that can actually destroy things. Just saying.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.41.59 PMFrans Smit’s new logo. Compliments of yours truly. Frans Smit is an artist from Cape Town and he’s work is super amazing. Like on another level. You should definitely check it out on his website on Suma follow him on twitter and instagram also while you’re at it Twitter handle: @franssmitart Instagram handle: franssmitartist 🙂


Then last but not least, my primary school reunion, which took place on Saturday. Now bare in mind that I have not seen these people in forever so I was really nervous as to what to expect but turned out to be the most fun I’ve had in a while…and what’s better is that we partied like we hadn’t even been separated for all that time. You normally hear about people always wanting to avoid their school reunions but this was definitely not the case this time around. A big thank you to everyone who came.

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