My top 5 suggestions for things to do this weekend on a budget

You’ve worked hard all week and look forward to the weekend. Only thing is, it’s the middle of the month and you probably find yourself on a strict budget until pay day, but did you actually know there are things that you can do in Cape Town that sometimes require little or no cash at all! I must admit I don’t always think to do these things myself but then I think back to certain occasions where I ended up having the most fun and it cost me next to nothing. So I’ve just compiled a small list of things that I think you can do that would be fun and you wouldn’t need to fork out hundreds to do this 🙂

1. Go for a picnic in the park

And i’m not talking about Kirstenbosch or anything like that. Even the local nearby park would suffice. We have beautiful parks all over Cape Town so why not take advantage of this free luxury that also gives you the opportunity to bond with nature as well?


Wynberg park is a local favourite for many to go to because its close, its really big and it has cool braai areas. It gets really full during the summer but I always say the more the merrier. Where there’s a lot of people, there’s a good vibe so consider it sometime. You won’t be disappointed.

September 2011 039 September 2011 059

Another favourite is Keuboom Park in Claremont. Spacious as well, with lots of good views of the mountain. Even if you not going to picnic, at least take a walk through there during sunset. It’s amazing.

24166f26f5fe23f222e53ef0f8dd98fd.img small_amphitheatre

And if you want go to go a little bit further, there’s the Urban park in Green point. Fairly new-ish, its already quite popular as its close to the city and you get the greenpoint main road / stadium vibes which is cool in the summer time. I hear they also do birthday parties for kids which is cool…if you have kids. Something to consider?? I don’t know.

2. Go for a drive

If you didn’t notice, Cape Town is on of the most beautiful cities in the world with views for days. It costs nothing to admire the natural aspect of our city yet we tend to take it for granted. Why not take a drive around the peninsula and remind yourself why you love living in this city so much? There are so many routes to take and each of them have pull over sections so that you can actually stop and admire the view from where you are.

Here are some of the views you can expect along the way



And here’s a map of the peninsula route. It’s mostly just one long road that goes all around most of Cape Town. Now you have no excuse 🙂


3. Have game days / nights

One of my favourite things to do with my friends…and we ALWAYS have a good time. It’s chilled, comfortable and you can always create a fun environment. This one time we had game night at my place which started out with 4 people, when I looked again, there were 20 people in my living room! It turned out to be quite a night and since then game night has been a religious tradition with us. Mostly because we know how things are going to end but mostly because its such a simple activity that gives you endless amounts of fun.

8992_54_pages_05_4440_588x448 bc29c0a398a0e222de37c110.L

4. Hike

Ok, so I probably don’t have to tell you guys about hiking based on all your Facebook and Instagram uploads. Well done to all of you. I’m not a fan of hiking personally, but that’s just because I’m unhealthy like that so S/O to all of you who made it to the top of lion’s head / table mountain or any other mountain trail. You probably won’t see me there.

hikes-in-Cape-Town lions-head-signal-hill-robben-island_20110728_1272644607

However, if you do feel like doing something afterwards that, I’d definitely suggest popping in at Jamaica Me Crazy.

Jamaica-Me-Crazy-Woodstock-Cape-Town11 Jamaice-Me-Crazy-Cape-Town

Why you ask? Because HALF PRICE COCKTAILS ALL DAY THAT’S WHY. Need I even say more?? I would imagine that after a morning of strenuous hiking you’d be thirsty? Not? Oh. That would be my plan though. Any place that gives me half price drinks for more than 2 hours gets my stamp of approval. Check out their website for location, happy hours and menu.

5.  Sunset beach sessions

Please people, we have beaches EVERYWHERE. It doesn’t matter where you find yourself. Southern suburbs = Muizenberg. City Centre = Cliften / Campsbay strip / Llandudno. North = Strand and Blouberg. You actually have no excuse. Sadly I wish I would take my own advice and I too am guilty of not taking advantage of our beautiful beaches.

I am however missioning to Clifton later for the Fire Jam session that’s taking place at 6 tonight. I’ve been before and its really really interesting. If you want more information, just go onto their Facebook page:

december-fire-jam Fire-Jam-2 maxresdefault

I think it’s a cool way to start the weekend off and all you need to do is sit there and be mesmerized by the fire dancers mad skills.

Now I’m pretty sure that you guys know about these things already so see this post as a reminder more than anything else. I know Cape Town is all about fanciness most of the time but its been proven time and time again that you don’t need always to be fancy to have a great time.


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