My Top 5 favourites from last week

I think last week was a combination of hard work, me contemplating exercising and spending time with people I haven’t seen in ages. You’ll see that I always especially try to include friends and family in many of my posts because the people in my life really do inspire me and I think that certain moments and fun memories are part of what keeps me happy, and when I’m happy, I’m productive and when I’m productive, I write these things for you guys. Hope you enjoy reading this one.

1. Working with Pete Maltbie

Ok, so not only is this the coolest photographer EVVVEEERRRRR!!! But he also makes working with him such a total jol. This is my third time working on a shoot with him and every time I leave with amazing advice or awesome gifts.

20150317_103943 20150317_122057 20150317_125619

Last week we shot a new product for Deli Spices that will launch in the Hotel and Catering industry. You can go to my Behance account to check some of the photos out at:


This time I left with home made beer that he’s brother in law brews himself. I never really cared much for craft beer, I really just think that people drink it because the labels are often pretty but this one tasted really good. Not that I’m a professional beer expert or anything but lets just say I’d have more than one. You should be seeing them on the market soon and I suggest that you try one when you get a chance.

2. This guy trying to be all that on a treadmill

This video was courtesy of Nico Du Toit and I think he might’ve been trying to tell me something…. yes Nico I get the hint *sobs quietly in my mind* but none the less an impressive display of fancy foot work on a conveyer belt. Of course I wont be trying this out anytime soon but it gives me hope that using a treadmill could actually have a fun element and I need to think about that next time I get on one again, which probably wont be very soon.

3. This print campaign for Terre Des Femmes.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 4.37.49 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 4.38.01 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 4.38.16 PM 1

This Swiss human rights organization had the right idea with this powerful print advertisements that remind us that a woman’s worth should never be measured by what she wears.

In Cape Town everybody (or almost everyone) WILL judge you on something, most of it being by what you wear and I feel that this effects me personally because people often get the wrong idea of me by what I like to wear and its absolute BS. Ever heard of that statement, “Never judge a book by its cover”? Now if someone could actually follow through with that quote, it would be fantastic so please think about that next time you give someone the body stare and start talking smack about them. Just saying.

4. This funny pigeon illustration I found on Pinterest


It just made me LOL when I saw it…and it’s so true though. Pigeons are like a staple here in Cape Town (I think in every city actually) THEY ARE EVERYWHERE…and they really do shit on EVERYTHING!! The worst being after you’ve gotten your car washed and you go leave your car for like 5 minutes, only to come back to some pigeon having had diarrhea all over the side of the car. Also, if you’ve walked over the Grand Parade in the city center, chances are you’ve been shat on at least once by a pigeon.

5. Dressing up…and down over the weekend

20150320_214951Thats me as a unicorn and my friend Rucita as Wednesday from Adams Family

On Friday my friend Natheefah had a fancy dress party for her 26th birthday. Theme being “fictional characters”. Now you know, I’m coloured and I like any option that requires me to do the least amount of work or effort ever so I was obviously in a panic state like “what the eff am I atually going to wear?” then I googled…and googled and then I gave up…and then I was like “I’m just going to attach a horn made out of paper to my alice band and go as a unicorn…and it worked! And very well received so I was happy. The others looked pretty cool too and it turned out to be a very cool little get together.IMG-20150321-WA0005 Thats Natheefah on the left as the Queen of hearts IMG-20150321-WA0020And this is Sameera and her husband Mubeen as the characters from Juno. Super cute! and very creative considering that she was worried that her baby bump was going to prevent her from dressing up.

After the party, my horn came off and I then proceeded to hit the town area up but will not write about it for a variety of reasons that made me unable to leave my bed the next day.

I then ended my weekend off with Nicole, one of my bestest and dearest friends…who also happens to be my doppelganger. Ok not so much anymore now that she cut her hair but in my mind she is still the twin sister I wish I had. She’s busy doing lots of grown up things right now so I don’t get to see her that much anymore but when we do eventually get together its always like we’ve never been apart. You’ll get to know her better in future posts. PS. Excuse the blur. I’ll try and take better less shaky pics in the future 🙂


So a very very good week last week. I got to see and spend some time with friends I haven’t see in forever, worked hard and get some rest, all of which brought a smile to my face

Happy Tuesday further! 🙂


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