Last weeks favourite things :)

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! I’m still recovering from mine so due to the heavy fatigue I’m experiencing right now, this post will be short and sweet. Yes, I know it’s Tuesday already…but parting 3 days in a row is not how I generally spend me weekend so no judgments please.

1. The new Miss South Africa got crowned this weekend


And she is amazing! Liesl Laurie was awarded the Miss SA title in Sun City last night. Beauty pageants are NOT my thing and half the time I don’t even know who Miss SA is until its time for another one of them to get crowned again so for me to list this as a favourite is sort of a bigger deal than most things.

To me, Miss SA is just one of those pretentious, eco driven type of events. I don’t care for another “perfect” Barbie type figure telling me she’s going to “change the world” or whatever and then you don’t hear anything else other than the fact that she’s attended any fancy party and that her dress won outfit of the year or some unimportant thing like that. Miss SA should be a beacon of hope for the people of the country, and especially our females, who struggle to come to terms with their own identities. Based on what I’ve read about our new Miss SA, she plans to do just that and more, which shows as she’s already started her own NGO before the pageant and I have no doubt that having the title will help her only grow it and reach out with other initiatives as well. That’s what we need from an ambassador and leader, someone that’s not afraid to get in deep for the sake of making a difference.

I have faith in her and what she continues to do with whilst under the title of Miss SA so watch this space as I report back on her ventures during the coming year.

I’ve attached the some links to articles on her and the all the pageant shenanigans at the bottom if you’d like to read up on her some more.

2. The Proteas made it to the semi finals and then lost the semi finals


I’m not a fan of cricket, nor do I pretend to be. I understand most people go nuts for it and I do occasionally enjoy the atmosphere that goes with watching the game but should you ask me something higher grade about the sport, chances are that I will give you the wrong answer…or an answer that is completely unrelated to the topic…or both. But when your colleagues decide to just stop working and huddle in the kitchen to watch the game, it kinda becomes something entertaining, especially when you hear them all scream like something just died.

I fully promote SA as a country and my home so I was devastated by our loss…even though I only found out that they lost like 3 hours later. Nevertheless I was disappointed because I want our sports teams to win stuff, because when they do it looks good to others abroad who are still so ignorant about our country and what we are actually capable of.

So well done team! Getting to the semi finals of any world-based tournament is an amazing achievement in itself.

3. I’m working on something fun but also kinda biggish at the agency right now

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 5.46.17 PM

It’s an agency rebrand and its hard work. Lowe and Partners are creating a more powerful positioning for themselves world wide and with that comes a little bit of a re-hash of communication, and when the job gets given to you, you have a little bit of a freak out, and sit and stare at your computer screen for about an hour (whilst having other completely unnecessary tabs open that has little or no connection to the job in any way)…and then you start getting excited and then comes the best part, putting the elements together and helping an amazing team deliver exceptional results…which is what this is right now. I’ve added a little sneak peak of something I’ve done so far but watch this space for more deets on how this project goes and what the end result of everything will look like.

4. Why can’t all beer bottles look this pretty?


I will ALWAYS add share things from Pinterest. Not only is it the best website EVEEERRR for designers but there are some genuinely cool things to find for whatever you are looking for. Like anything…I got my reference for last weeks motivation on there and it turns out that you can even find some good Cape Coloured inspiration on Pinterest as well.

So whilst looking for some design inspiration for a current project, I stumbled on this piece of amazing packaging, which was designed by Patswerk from the Netherlands. Then I got a though…why don’t our local beers look this cool? I would drink a beer like this in a second if it looked that good. I know it’s not important to most people but just think how kwaai some of our local beer labels could look. I always maintain that if something looks god, people WILL buy it. Basic marketing…but I’m not an expect. One thing I am pretty good at is acknowledging great design when I see it and this is definitely one of them. Well done to the designers. Absolutely love it.


5. When one new face meets another new face

In this weekend passed case, when lots of new faces meet other new faces. On the eve of what was supposed to be a weekend away filled with clubbing camping craziness, turned out to be a house party that went from worse to worse…and when I say worse I actually mean how much fun it was. Too much fun…like the kind that leaves your place looking like a cave hole afterwards. But during it all the best thing about throwing a totally spontaneous house jol means people get to meet people and connections are formed and more friendships are made, which, for me was the highlight of a total chaotic weekend. I have decided to NOT post any photos of this event for many MANY reasons but to all those who attended, thanks for pulling through and turning some really disappointing news into an amazing opportunity for some friends to make more friends.

Thanks for reading and have an amazing week ahead! 🙂


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