Last week’s Top 5 favourites

Last week was a combination of prepping for Easter and working like a robot on crack to get work done before the holidays, yet, on the other hand, was quite eventful so I’m going to start with what was probably the best news for any capetonian and, in fact South African.

1. Trevor Noah to succeed Jon Steward on the Daily show136528320-30-03-2015-19-03-22-724Photo cred:

This is effing big news. The daily show is the shit and having a South African host it is probably the biggest news SA has had in a long time and with a twitter following of 2 million (most of them South African but a lot of them also foreign) there’s no doubt that his fans will be behind him every step of the way. Well done Trevor Noah!! Proof that hard work and determination pays off no matter what your circumstances are.

2. Favourite faces that make me smile

If there’s anything I learnt this weekend is that is that good friends are far to come by and loyalty is an even rarer trait in people. Thankfully I still have a few of these people in my life who I am blessed to call close friends.

One of them a very close friend for almost 7 years now who I had the pleasure of sharing a part of my Easter weekend with. Brent Peters and myself met in University and he has since started a marketing company along with some other exciting ventures on the way. Super proud of this guy and all he has achieved so far. Taking initiative is not something many people from the Cape flats do but Brent is proof that with ambition and drive, anything is possible and I think that he is the perfect example for anyone wanting to branch out and do their own thing. I’m incredibly lucky to have him as a friend and I wish him nothing but the best for all his future endeavors.


This is us at one of his media launches last year.

Watch this space for an interview with him about success, entrepreneurial tips and life after starting a company.

3. Family face time

Of course I spend a lot of my time with my family over Easter weekend and after kinda being on your own for a while, these are the times you look forward to the most (having a home cooked meal for the first time in forever doesn’t hurt as well) and while my dad thinks photos are for models only (I shall snap him unexpectedly next time) my mom, nephew and sister were all too keen to strike a pose with me.


This is my sister Teena and her son Jordan. Cute mother and son thing they got going on here, although Jordan looks like he might be ready for a nap.

IMG-20150405-WA0002That’s myself and mom out for lunch. She also made us go on an impromptu shopping spree so all in all a good day of bonding and retail therapy.

4. Bianca Cash design things that form hearts in my eyes

When you’re a newbie blogger like me, you’ll find that half your life consists of internet trolling and stalking. Design Love Fest is my favourite blog…mostly because Bri Emery is a design legend but also because everything on her site is mind blowingingly amazing (yes I just made up that word now)

dyt-biancacash-select-3 dyt-biancacash-6 dyt-biancacash-5 dyt-biancacash-select-2

Bianca Cash is a frequent contributor to the Design Love Fest site and designs wallpapers that you can download straight off the site for free (Being over eager, her work is already my mac and cellphone wallpaper…obvs)

I’ve attached a link if you wanna grab any of her work…which you should because it’s just that pretty.

She also has a site of her own if you keen to check out any of her other stuff as well. I promise you will not be disappointed. A nice change from the usual photo crap you find as wallpapers nowadays. (Yes you know what I’m talking about).

5. The (brutal) roast of Justin Bieber

I never liked Justin Bieber…ever but yoh, his roast was bad. I almost felt sorry for him. He gave a massive comeback at the end though to all his roasters, which actually made me gain a little bit of respect for him. Plus he is looking hot nowadays, which certainly pushes up my likeness towards him now (whatsapp can’t look face) He’s transition from a boy to a man hasn’t been easy based on all the crap he caught on but he seems to be turning a new leave since his 21st birthday so lets hope he sticks to his work of becoming a better person and role model to all his fans.

I’ve added a little clip of the roast but if you can get your hands on the full show, I suggest you watch it. Totally worth it.

Hope all of you had a fantastic Easter and cheers to another 4 day week 🙂


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