We just had a long weekend but do you know why?

Normally around this time of the week I’d so a recap of my favourite things from the week before but with all these holidays and designing like a crazy person to meet work deadlines, literally so much has happened. Lots of good things though. I spent time with family and friends, made new friends, did some cool things at work…oh and I watched the new Avengers movie SO EFFING COOL!!!! Oh and I got a new blog follower. Thank you Mel Horendz 🙂

So while most of us are overwhelmed with the excitement of getting 1 or 2 days off from work to do whatever, we should also never forget why we get to have these days off to begin with.

Monday passed was Freedom Day, probably one of the most important South African public holidays as it’s a very important part of our countries history. It not only symbolizes our first democratic election but it’s also the essence of our nation. Something we really pride ourselves on. I won’t go into it all that dramatically. I think as South Africans, knowing these types of facts are crucial, and if you don’t know it then research it so that you are in a position to educate someone else.

First Phase DigitalPhoto Credit: http://wabe.org/

I’m extremely proud of the progress we have made as a country, considering our not so amazing past. Of course its still a working progress and certain things can and should be improved upon but when I think back to what I was taught about Freedom Day and other important historic days, there is indeed a level of satisfaction that I have and even though we might be going through a lot as a nation right now, I just think that we need to remember where we were and how can we continue to spread the message of everything of, not just freedom, but unity, love, peace and respect.

A little bit of my thoughts…I hope you enjoyed reading.

Have an amazing week further.


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