Whoa! When did Muizenberg get so damn sexy?


So about 3 weeks back I found myself wasting away indoors on a beautiful day and realized that it was so wrong on so many levels. So I thought “hey lets go to the beach!” and proceeded to find a companion to accompany me. Unfortunately no one was available so I decided to go on my own. I call it a solo date. A time to think, reflect and just spend much needed time with yourself. Something thats a privilege for me, given my hectic schedule. So I got to the beach and it was packed. Obviously. The sun just needs to peep its head out and the whole Cape Flats decides to go to Muizenberg…guess i’m referring to myself here as well lol!

I love the beach and I love the fact that i’m only 5 minutes away from the beach but the irony is that I NEVER go and when I started walking around the beach area, I was like “yoh, Muizenberg is actually looking effing amazing of late” Trendy new restaurants, new snack stalls and lots of interesting things to look at. Its really never looked this good before and i’m actually glad that its being uplifted because it’s always been such an amazing place to hang out…and now with these new features it just adds extra character to a place thats already so colourful.

Below I’ve mentioned my top 10 favourite things about Muizenberg and why you should go spend time there, even in winter.

1. Lots of stories over the years

It’s the only beach in my opinion in Cape Town that has a lot of History attached to it. I always think that places that have a story behind it, are the most interesting.


2. Super chilled

You can be yourself and no one will judge you. It’s not as pretentious as Clifton and Camps bay where people feel the need to dress up just to go to the beach. Muizenberg is so chilled and part of what makes its character are the people you see there and the sometimes entertaining interactions that you encounter. It’s also family orientated so you feel really comfortable. Kinda like you would in your own home.


3. People are really friendly

Like really friendly and they treat you so well. Like I mentioned before, many of the people that go to Muizenberg are family orientated so the vibe they have is open and friendly. They treat you like they’ve known you for years and thats amazing.

4. Views for days

You get this at most beaches but with Muizenberg it’s different because there’s not only mountain views but lots of old beautiful buildings as well. Really pretty and it just makes you feel good when you look around and see them in contrast with the mountains.

20150411_153718 20150411_154110

5. It’s so colourful

I can’t emphasis this enough, and i’m not just talking about those famous changing rooms. Everywhere you go you see bright colours. It’s so awesome!


6. The kite festivals are so cool!

It takes place round about November and its always packed. You’ll see the strangest kite creations but thats part of the appeal. I went once and I loved it. I would seriously suggest checking it out, its something different and very fun.


7. The surf vibe is lekker

Muizenberg has been known to be surf capital and with good reason. It’s like a big thing and you’ll seldom see people not surfing here. I don’t surf right now but its definitely on my bucket list of things to conquer one day.


If you want to take a crack at it, the best school to learn is Gary’s Surf School. I’ve attached a link if you interested in getting more information on it.


8. Cosy little places everywhere to chill

So like even in winter, if you just want to have the view with your meal and drink, guarenteed you’ll get it there.

20150411_160126 20150411_160320 20150411_160350 20150411_160810 20150411_160837

There’s a new place that opened up last year December called Tigersmilk. I’ve heard about it before and so after my beach stroll I decided to go check it out and it was really vibey and so packed! Clearly its the new “it” place and with very good reason. So impressed. I’ll definitely be back there very soon!

20150411_160934 20150411_161108 20150411_161116  20150411_161419

9. You can get the best ice cream there

Ok maybe i’m being a bit bias but if you don’t believe me read the sign or better, just go try it out for yourself.

20150411_160050 20150411_160044

10. The water is so warm

Just in comparison to other beaches. Everyone prefers to take a dip here because you don’t end up freezing your ass off afterwards. Just watch out for sharks! Lol!

20150411_155114 20150411_155753

Of course I have many more reasons why I love this place and i’m sure once you’ve been there you’ll have a few favourites of your own. With a down to earth attitude and a vibe that makes you feel good once you’re there, it definitely has become my beach of choice, and not because I stay there but purely because of the nature of the place, the atmosphere and the people. I don’t think that it gets the recognition it deserves but hopefully with enough time and some more do ups, i’m almost certain that it will become the top choice for other beachers as well.

Solo date success in my opinion and I got to learn more about this awesome place but don’t take my word for it, go and see for yourself. No disappointments 🙂

Have an amazing weekend!


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