Last Weeks Top 5 Favourites

Seems every week gets more and more busier! The life of a restless capetonian designer can sometimes be an exhausting affair but through all the hustle and bustle I never forget the moments that make me smile. These 5 things certainly got that job done for me last week.

1. Fighting Xenophobia on the daily

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 5.23.46 PM And that fight inspired my team at Lowe and Partners Cape Town to start a movement in the hopes that it creates constant awareness against Xenophobia. It’s called the Republic of Africa and we started it with the hopes of more people joining so that we can come together as Africans and fight this terrible thing that’s dominating our home at the moment. This is everyone’s fight and every small thing you do to show that you’re against Xenophobia counts…even attaching a simple logo to your profile picture. It’s you taking a stand so I ask that you please join this initiative and share it and get other people to join as well. Showing support is all you need to let others know that you’re part of this fight.

You can join here:

2. The talented Can Skylark’s new hit “Timebomb”

You might have heard some of her songs on the radio and now she’s brought out another hit called Timebomb. I had the pleasure of meeting Can at her EP launch some time ago and not only is she is down to earth and driven, but she’s full of energy and super friendly. A fellow Capetonian who is making a big name for herself within the music industry, I foresee only great things for this amazing lady in the future. Check out her website at:

3. Putting my hands in the air and waving it like I just don’t care!!

11164692_1166953906678440_994644484470739800_o Like only one of my most favourites things to do, nothing makes me happier than shaking it loose on the dance floor and you must best believe I will probably shove you out of the way…maybe not intentionally but who can control a girl who’s song just started playing?? So we missioned to the glamorous Living Room club in northern suburbs to celebrate a friends 25th Birthday. I’m not the fancy dress up type but I must admit that I enjoyed getting dolled up and I ended up having such an amazing time. The music was on point and the club was on fire. Well done Living Room team! It’s a long drive from where I stay but it was worth every kilometer driven. Go check out some more shots of Saturday night on their Facebook profile:

4. My first Sizzled event and I loved it!

IMG_3345 I don’t even know where to begin describing what a jol I had on Sunday. All through the day I kept on thinking HOW DID I NOT COME TO THIS EVENT BEFORE??? I’ve certainly heard about it and saw some photos but I hadn’t given it much thought until I got invited to spend the day there. Great vibe, awesome people and a great line up of DJ’s, its definitely the event to be at if you into the whole outdoor social braai thing…which is retoricle because who isn’t into that? It’s their last event for the season month end and you’d be seriously missing out if you don’t pitch. I’ve been to many outdoor Sunday events and this by far is the best. Serious high 5’s to the organizers. I know how hard it can be to catch the attention of the forever changing hip and trendy capetonian and judging by the crowd that pulled in on Sunday, you guys obviously nailed it. Can’t wait for the next event and I hope I’ll see all you guys there too.

Check all the deets below! 10646774_953570057995735_5405113300222710661_n

5.  “Tiefs in the club” by Mark Fitzgibbon

A “tief” is a cape coloured slang word to describe an out of control female who basically goes around and makes other people’s lives unpleasant. If you want an even broader explanation I would suggest watching previous videos on Mark Fitzgibbon’s youtube account and while you there subscribe to his account so that you don’t miss an entry and trust me you wouldn’t want to. The most hilarious person I’ve come across in a long time, Mark unshamefully gives us an insight into the typical behavior traits of a cape coloured individual in a unique and funny way. Creative and truthful, you’ll definitely be laughing for days…probably because you know that at some point you were doing exactly what he describes in his videos. I know I have.

Later I write about a group of young woman in Cape Town doing amazing things within their community when it comes to social issues.

Have a look out for that this evening 🙂

Thanks for reading


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