Midweek Motivational – Young women doing amazing things


This midweek motivation is brought to you by Andrea Kadalie and the young ladies of Dream Girls International Outreach and Mentoring Program. An organization that promotes the enrollment and success of young women in institutions of higher education, through the mentorship by community role models and leaders. In addition to driving education amongst young female learners the program also endeavors to create an all-round wellness in teen girls focusing on areas such as, Life Design, Entrepreneurship & Career, Health & Spiritual Wellness, Etiquette & Grooming and Dignity. The main goals are to motivate young women in order to increase enrollment in institutions of higher education, to implement a structure that would promote women to reach their highest fulfillment and, to provide opportunities for volunteer work in order to help the community.

These types of initiatives always get me excited because I do believe that the women of this country could do with a little motivation in order to reach their full potential, and joining organizations like these can only benefit them in all aspects of life.

With the topic of Xenophobia dominating headlines everywhere, they did their bit too to show their support against it, by drawing up boards with the hash tag #NoToXenophobia as a way of getting the high school girls to express their public opinion, participate in creating awareness, and to encourage them to help make a difference may it be big or small.

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Well-done girls! You’ve certainly motivated me to do more with regards to doing more when it comes to social issues like Xenophobia and hopefully others will feel the same way too. As young up and coming women, we have a responsibility to, not only be a role model for others professionally but within a personal capacity as well with the things we get involved in. These young ladies are doing an excellent job and I am positive that we can only expect great things from this organization in the future.


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