Celebrating a legend’s birthday

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And I don’t say this often. If even at all but that’s what Wesley Holgate is, and anyone you ask will agree with you in a heartbeat.

Last year he got very sick and passed away in August. I had never felt that numb before. The concept about not seeing someone that you have literally spent everyday with for 5 years seemed like an unreal situation and for a long time after he died life did feel unreal but that just goes to show the magnitude of the person he was and how he brought laughter, compassion and happiness to so many people’s lives, mine included.

I started working with Wesley beginning of 2010. I remember meeting him and thinking how super nice he was and how we were going to be friends for a very long time…and that’s exactly what happened. Working side by side with him proved to be the most entertaining and knowledgeable experience, as time went on he became less of a colleague and more of a friend…but that’s just the relationship everyone had with him.


Losing Wesley was hard, continuing work without him was harder. I had never lost anyone in such a personal capacity before so the shock lasted a long time but also now has changed me and has given me a deep appreciation for life that I never had before. I see it as the last and possibly best lesson he taught me. We joked around a lot but he always told me that he wanted me to be the best version of myself that I could possibly be and now I live by it, and pass that message on to others as well and every day I’m thankful for this and the inspiration he left me with.

Happy Birthday my dear friend. I’m sad that I don’t get it celebrate it with you but I bet you having an awesome time with all the angels. Sending you infinite hugs and kisses all the way to heaven. Miss you always!


4 thoughts on “Celebrating a legend’s birthday

  1. Jamie… tears are running down my face as I read this, but I’m smiling at the same time. Thank you for this beautiful post – really heartfelt. My big brother is such a superstar. Miss him always. xxx

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    1. I’m glad you liked it. Indeed he was, and i’m thankful and truly blessed to have had him in my life. I’m sure there’s not a day that goes by where he isn’t smiling down on us.


  2. I love this! Touched yes, but equally just feeling as though Wes lives on. Celebrating his life on earth and the strong love all of you and many of us have for him is what touches me and many of us the most and makes me proud to know the people that he loves dearly. Your all amazing. Wesley was and is so blessed to have wonderful family and friends like you! Love to you all you beautiful people the, the world would be an even better place if it had millions more of you in it. x

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