Celebrating 80 years of life and family


The biggest highlight of my week and weekend…seeing my gran grab the big 8 0 with grace, humour and energy.

I can’t remember if I told you guys this but I’m part of a considerably big family (from my dad’s side) and with big families come big family events. Especially in the coloured community. My grandmother didn’t want anything big for her birthday but do you think we listened? Of course not because when there is a birthday (no matter how old you turn) we WILL throw a party for it and we WILL have a good time. I love how excited they get at the mere thought of celebrating an occasion like this. I think that’s where I get my love for socializing so much because I grew up around celebrations and special occasions and if you don’t know how to have a good time I guarantee that after a weekend with this family you won’t want to stop. I think it’s an amazing thing that we can as a huge family come together and do what we do best. Embrace life, spend as much time we can with another and enjoy each minute of it while doing so. It’s hard to find close-knit families that do this on the regular so I’m lucky to be a part of a family that takes family bonding so seriously.

We decided to do things differently this year though. To celebrate, we decided to go to De Kelder Restaurant and Winery in Somerset West. I had never been. One of my older cousins booked it but I was pleasantly surprised by the set up there.

20150516_14423720150516_144053 20150516_144505 20150516_151740 20150516_151835 20150516_160602 20150516_171133

Combined with a golf course as well, it makes for a pretty cosy dining experience with views all around to enjoy. I think the waiter had a bit of a nervous break down at the beginning trying to place orders for ±30 people (I would’ve gave up) but he survived and did so quite well. I didn’t get his name but well done to the gentlemen who helped us on Saturday. I actually don’t know how you did it with the chaotic of all of us spread out everywhere. In the end it turned out to be a very nice experience, especially since the weather held up and the kids were able to run around a bit outside. Definitely a place to check out, preferably warmer days but with a cosy bar area as well you could quite easily pop in during a cold winters day and enjoy a drink or 3 while catching up on some sport. All in all a versatile and comfortable venue that gives you choices and does so pleasantly.

20150516_171114 20150516_171126 20150516_171129 20150516_171152 20150516_171251 20150516_171534

Of course we went to my grandma’s family house after to continue the celebrations in a cosier capacity which was to be expected. A great way to end the day and amazing new memories made with the relatives. Now to look forward to the next birthday party.

If you’re interested in booking a table or 4 (like we did) see contact details below:

De Kelder Restuarant and Winery:

Shop no. 16
Vodacom Golf Village
De Beers Avenue
Tel:  (021) 852 8604 | (021) 852 5969
Fax: 086 234 6553

I’ve also attached the below link for more information on what they offer.


Thanks for reading and a happy week ahead 🙂


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