Midweek Motivational


“I wish I hadn’t done that”

“I wish I could tell what was going to happen”

“I wish I knew”

“I wish I wasn’t that stupid back then”

Etc etc etc

Classic lines used by many of us when we start to think of things that we wish we had control over. NOT having the control is OK! If I sat and pondered about things I could fix in my past or try to control what was going to happen in the future, that would be valuable time I could’ve used having a meaningful chat with someone, eating a cupcake, admiring stuff or just like anything fun that makes you smile. Moments passed because we get too wrapped up in trying to control life when life is the very thing that hands us the experiences we need (be it good or bad) teaches us valuable lessons or helps prepare us for what’s to come.

Basically what I’m trying to say is take a chill pill…I’ve learnt that things have a funny way of working out when you least expect it no matter the circumstances be it past, present or future. We are surrounded by so much awesome things, lets not waste a second more being trapped in our minds. Lets live and let life happen. It’s far too short to be spent on things that are no longer or aren’t yet a part of our current being.

Something to think about as we make our way to the weekend.

Oh and thank you to the lovely lady from audssouthafricanadventures.tumblr.com for today’s background image used. She talks about her South African experience in a visual journal call Five Months in Cape Town. Very cute!


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