Here’s an idea for your upcoming Sunday funday: Come party with me at the Diaries of the Beat event


I love local people doing local things. I’ve attended a few good parties put together by very talented Capetonians in the entertainment industry and each time i’m impressed by the quality and dedication they have to creating a party scene that combines so much of the unique Cape Town flavour we love so much.

This event will be no different. With a team of highly energetic individuals driving this exciting project, I can only expect great things from them, not just on Sunday, but in the future as well.

The concept of this project focuses on the modern day and age and how it’s filled with diverse cultural elements that when combined, creates a framework of uncompromising beauty within each craft. Each element has a beat that engineers its lifeline. Diaries of the beat explores the depths of our dance, fashion, food, design, music, art and sport scene.

Below is just some of the activities you can expect at the event on Sunday


Vet Kop Resolution apparel exhibition

– Videography + Photographers
– Fire stands & Marquees
– Live instruments
– Full Amadoda Food Menu

Foosball Face-off: 10 teams with 2 members aside will face each other in a winner takes all foosball competition at 6pm sharp, the prizes consists of:

• Hunters extreme beverage bucket
• Reserved table
• Promotional Packages
• Free tickets to the next DOB
• Vet Kop Resolution Merchandise

For more information, go onto the Facebook page:

So it sounds like its going to be quite an event. Of course I’ll be there and I’ll be tweeting all through the day and I suggest you come and check it out as well and show our local boys some love. They’ve prepared well and are excited to show Cape Town what they can do.

Look out for my review next week on how it all went down, as well as some words from the organizers themselves and what their plans are for the future.

Looking forward to seeing you all out on Sunday!


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