Thinking about last week’s top favourites and this weeks smiles

Each of these are special in its own way. Last week was pretty rough but in most cases with tragedy comes strength and from strength comes appreciation, so thats what last week was…an appreciation of everything that made me smile even when it didn’t seem that easy to do. Us locals like to pretend like we don’t have feelings most of the time but I think thats its always good to take a step back, look around and find a reason to smile. This week has been better (not weather wise though) but better in a way. I’ve been having opportunities to spend time with amazing people,Β do good work and just generally been having a reason to smile everyday πŸ™‚

Here are the highlights from last week:

1. That amazing young individual who inspired so many to become organ donors

MG-12345PhotoΒ Credit:

I’m sure everyone by now knows about Jenna Lowe and her journey since discovering she had pulmonary hypertension. For those of you that don’t know having this rare lung disease basically means that you struggle to breathe because the blood that pumps from the heart to the lungs is narrowed making that whole process twice as hard for the individual. It can be described as holding your nose and breathing through a straw. Hectic, I know…So she had it and she needed a double lung transplant in order to survive, which she got! However due to complications 6 months after the transplant, she unfortunately passed away on the 5th June this year. I had no idea this kind of sickness even existed and because of her campaign (#GetMeTo21),Β she managed to, not just educate more people on it but she actually got thousands of South Africans to become organ donors as well so that others might have a chance at live as well. I’m like dumbstruck that such a young girl had the ability to do something so amazing. Like can’t we all be like that man? And it starts with small things. Being a better human in every way should always be something to strive for. If one very sick young girl from Cape Town managed to do it, then so can we.

If you were unfamiliar with this whole story, the Daily Mail online has summarized it pretty good if there’s anything you wanted to catch up on. See link below:

2. An appreciation of Life


Like I mentioned before, these last couple of weeks have had me like….”Wow, life is actually amazing” the mere fact that I get to wake up every morning, smell fresh sea air, look out onto Table Mountain in the distance, like all those little things makes me happy to be here…right now”. Every day is an opportunity to be amazing, it’s a cliche yes and sometimes even i’m like “I just don’t have lus for anything today” but most days I’m quite amped to do something new, read something interesting, meet another fellow being. The possibilities are just endless. So be amazing today and everyday and appreciate what you have and continue to be grateful everyday. You might not know how your actions affect other people, just making someone smile can be an awesome experience on it’s own.

3. Young talent that makes me excited about living in Cape Town1979273_10153414085799458_6739157211901251480_o

You would have seen on my last post that I mentioned a very good friend of mine embarking on a new project called Diaries Of The beat, which took place on Sunday in Woodstock. Too much weekend fun had me only staying for a couple of hours (also work the next day and so forth you know) but I heard that it was pumping until the end. Turn out was decent and i’m just happy that we were able to all come out and support these individuals from the suburbs, who has taken the initiative to do something cool that combines theΒ love of music with the love of people. I definitely look forward to seeing what they do next.

10608272_10153414074559458_1640401586685503752_o 11393018_10153414070349458_5720485310154067407_n 11406219_10153414152149458_3437075457079504138_o

4. Great big girly love


And I gave a lot of it on Saturday night with 3 of my closest girlfriends. We sang (quite badly) downed tequila (quite impressively) and danced the night away in the living room (until I passed out) Having amazing females in your life is the one thing every chick should invest in. Girls that don’t care about keeping competition with you, that don’t compare themselves to you and that love you unconditionally when you don’t have the strength to do it yourself. They’re rare to come across these days but when you have them, make sure you hold on to them. I can’t remember if we took photos that night? but just as well, theΒ karaoke got pretty out of control. I never knew one could sing “One moment in time” with such emotion and excitement lol! Such good times πŸ™‚

5. More great work from the talented Lowe and Partners Cape Town agency

16804_Arrive_Alive_A2_POSTER_R10_AWARDS4-1024x724 16804_Arrive_Alive_A2_POSTER_R10_AWARDS-750x553Work Credit:

This is for all you losers who force to text when you know you can actually put other people’s lives in danger.

Lowe Cape Town recently developed a campaign for Arrive Alive sending a powerful message about the dangers of texting and driving. Posters went up at Police Stations around the country likening people who text and drive to killers.

LastΒ week Espresso picked up the campaign and interviewed Arrive Alive editor Johan Jonck on the measures he thinks need to be put in place to reduce road deaths from distracted drivers. Mmmm…great stuff great stuff.

It also featured on in an article raising awareness about the risks of texting and driving.

So don’t be dur, just put your phone away for that 30mins or whatever, I can guarantee you that it won’t make a difference to the person waiting on the other side and if they cared about you they wouldn’t want you to text and drive to begin with.

Hope you guys enjoyed todays blogs. More posts coming soon! πŸ™‚


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