Last Weeks Top Favorites that had me smiling big

1. In last week’s post I spoke about Jenna Lowe, the brave girl from Cape Town who battled pulmonary hypertension for for a couple of years before passing away on the 8th June.

portfolio1 Photo Cred (

I just find this girls story so amazing and she’s continued to inspire even after her death. There has been a major increase in the amount of people who have signed up as organ donors. Almost twice the number it was on before she died. If you haven’t already signed up as an organ donor, you can do it on

Below is a poem she wrote in 2007. I’m not much of a poetry fan but I found this to be incredibly moving. Definitely got me reflecting on a few things about myself.

“My life is a braid

Some parts tightly woven

Some parts weakened

in a way

The future lies before me

The threads are not yet sewn

They are lying in a pattern

One that I can’t understand

Lying so uncertain

Like a wave upon the sand

My destiny is a blank page

The pen is writing as I speak

At some times i’ll be strong and calm

At others scared and weak

All I know for sure

Is that nothing’s yet complete

The world will carry on without me

Nonetheless, less sweet

I can make a difference

And a difference can make me

I am like a tiny seedling

Growing slowly to a tree

The future is still coming Like a wild and restless sea

It’s uncontained

I’ve tried in vain

But through me it will seep

I am shielded as I can be

As I stand I am prepared

I must admit through, just to you

That sometimes I am scared

The future is still coming

Surely that you see

My time has come

My will be done

Stand back world – IT’S ME!”

Amazing words by a very amazing young woman.

2. When have you did anything like this? Like build a helicopter!!

ee0897d971c84ceba3152a8048e79da9Photo Cred (

I read the news sometimes. I’m a religious reader and when I logged on last week the first highlight I saw was “homeless man builds helicopter” and I was like…that can’t be real, but it actually is! This guy from joburg actually gathered some metal scraps and other materials and built a helicopter man! he now says that he’s just waiting for the opportunity to get to fly it. I don’t know so much about that, but I do know that he is indeed gifted and not just anyone…especially with his background, could do what he did. Go to the link below to read more on this story. It’s actually very interesting.

3. My little sister is not so little anymore!


And also it made me feel super old when I thought about it. She celebrated her 23rd birthday on Friday and it made me think about when we used to play together and i’d use her as a doll for most of those years and now she’s grown up so much (it’s actually quite scary) as I was never that mature at 23. I’m proud of her though. She even gives me advice sometimes! I think it’s made our relationship stronger and made me realise how important that bond is. I’ve always wanted a big brother but I think having a sister is so much better and it only gets better the older we get.

4. Representing and cementing comedy roots like only a Capetonian can

One of my favourite comedians and YouTuber’s because he is just so damn funny. I’ve blogged about him before but now he’s getting the attention he deserves and I’m so happy to see him talk unapologetically about our unique Cape Town culture and inform others as well in a fun and engaging manner. Here is being featured in an online article by Media Club South Africa. I’ve attached the link so go have a read when you can:

I’ve also attached his lastest vlog. Might spark a few “memorable” moments at school? I laughed all way through 🙂

5. Important messages from Harry Potter that made me smile. Ofcourse.


Obviously anything that comes from Harry Potter movies are cool. Obviously. But on a serious note. My friend Lemeez posted these on her Facebook wall last week and then I read it and decided that I couldn’t just keep this incredible knowledge to myself and therefore I’ve added it to this post for all of you to enjoy as well. Just read it please. Now can we just take a moment to appreciate Harry Potter….also it might be time for another HP marathan…for the 4th time 🙂

11401500_978816098829382_4763129551398318750_n 11406865_978816135496045_5202072684002545610_n 11427178_978816328829359_557843115425296367_n 10408609_978816168829375_1605696331460614731_n 11109428_978816132162712_2033542881790054889_n 11390199_978816292162696_1771923847821725189_n

Hope you guys enjoyed reading! Til next time 🙂


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