Last Week’s Top Favourites

Where do I even begin?? Lots of moments of happiness and sadness but a lot of good moments that made me smile as well. And all through it all you just find yourself taking it all in and appreciating it because they are all things to be thankful for.

1. So I quit my job. What now?


I honestly don’t know to be honest. A journey of adventure and self discovery? I hope so. When you’ve worked as long as I have and haven’t really had the chance to look at the bigger picture as to what it actually is that makes you happy, you’ll find that living day by day on a schedule gets tiring and uninspiring. I’ve been at home for a week now and it’s been relaxing but it’s also put me back on track with this mission and everything I hope to achieve on my ventures. Design is my passion, and I hope going forward that my work holds a deeper meaning and that it contributes to something bigger. I look forward to achieving this and achieving self peace at the same time. Life is precious, this I know so I want to make every moment count and do things that make me unapologetically happy. I think we all want that at the end don’t we?

2. Hello 27, please be good to me?


I’ve officially entered the “late twenties” (yoh!) and now I keep on thinking “dammit I’m old” but actually it’s the opportunity to make this year the best yet. The 20’s are our prime years after all so I intend on milking it for all it’s worth (then probably moan some more once I get to 30 lol!). Society has pumped “marriage, kids, stability” into us from a young age and no one knows that better than the people who come from the Cape Town suburbs. I have neither of these things right now and it doesn’t faze me one bit. Yes occasionally I find myself ooh’ing and aahh’ing over my cousins and sisters little ones but that’s where it ends. I want to use my time wisely going forward. I’m obviously happy for those who have chosen to embrace “suburban family life” sooner and one day I’d like that too but for now I choose travel, loving my boyfriend (who supports me through everything) and engaging in life in a different way that I hope will set the tone for what’s to come. So I welcome a new year of age and everything that it brings. Hopefully they’ll all be good stuff πŸ™‚

3. A little bit of help goes a long way


Last week I helped my mom rearrange her house (because when you unemployed, they will ask you to help with everything) and found a lot of some old things of mine. Things I’ve been collecting since a young age. A LOT of memories, mostly hoarded stuff (I am a little bit of a self confessed hoarder of sorts) and my mom suggested that as we unpack, make up little bags and give the stuff away that we didn’t need any more. We haven’t gotten around to doing all of it yet but once it’s done, I’m going to take it away and then start collecting more things from other people and drop them off at respective shelters.


So please let me know if you’ve got anything to give away or contribute and I’d be happy to come and get them and drop them off for you. There’s always people in need and you have no idea what one donated item can mean to those that don’t have.

These mentioned moments last week were pretty major as it sets the foundation of what i hope will be the start of great things. Unlocking my deeper passions and allowing me to grow into the person I hope my future kids can be proud of one day. These moments make me smile because the possibilities from here on out are endless. I smile when I think about it because I finally get to live a little without constraints, to enjoy time with those I love the most, and to appreciate and be thankful for what has been, what currently is and what will be in the future.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Have an amazing week further πŸ™‚


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