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And for good reasons. I read this article now the other day (ok, it was like 1 and a half weeks ago and I’ve just taken forever to blog about it…being unemployed is hard work man…) It was about South Africa winning some award for being “The Most Beautiful Country in the World” and I was like “whhhhhaaaatttttt???” I actually couldn’t believe it…not because we don’t deserve it, but because people always have their own ideas when its comes to this country so to have that highest honour, in my opinion, is the most amazing news ever.

The article on wrote:

“Unsurpassed wildlife and mountains, whales and waterfalls, architecture and antiquity, the world’s most beautiful city, and the world’s most stunning Spring, plus a host of natural treasures make South Africa “The Most Beautiful Country In The World”, and a must-see traveller’s dream”.


And I’m not just saying that because I come from here, literally every foreigner I’ve spoken to who has been here has had nothing but amazing things to say about our country and yes it has it’s issues…like every country does (ok ours A LOT more than most) but you can’t deny this countries naturally amazing beauty…you can’t…and don’t even try because you know you’ll be lying to yourself, and if you someone reading from somewhere overseas and thing “what the hell is this girl talking about, go and do your research…or better yet, JUST COME AND VISIT! Then you’ll know what all the fuss is about.

I’ve listed my 10 favourite things about living here, you can agree…or disagree but I think the following thing makes our home truly unique

  1. The Big Five – Because where else do you get such a diverse amount of animals that just roam freely and stuff man?
  2. An overdrive of Diversity and culture – Like literally a whole bunch of different people, I mean we do have 11 official languages.
  3. Views for days – Of everything…mountain, ocean, sand, buildings, people, art, roads…anything and wherever you go.
  4. All the different kind of arts and crafts that you can think of – From beadwork to graffiti to paintings to little wire shapes. Just anything and everything can be made to look beautiful with the creativity that we have to offer here.
  5. Mountains that look like stuff…by themselves…naturally – Enough said, go Google it and see what I mean.
  6. Our own dialog – We say VERY weird and random things to each other that no one else in the world knows about but we understand. Lekker man 🙂
  7. Biltong – It’s not like beef jerkie or anything of that sort (believe me) It’s like 100 times better…always.
  8. Nelson Mandela – Of course obvs! I love it when I meet foreigners and all they want to know are things about Nelson Mandela…and what’s it like knowing that he’s from SA as well. It’s FREAKING AWESOME! Probably one of the most amazing things to me.
  9. We give the rest of the world lotsa shiny things – Like diamonds mostly, because we have them here naturally. Our country is filled with mines…which are filled with things that the rest of the world want. I like that the rest of the world also needs us for stuff like this. Who said that we 3rd world again?? Psssshhh…I don’t think so.
  10. When South Africans go out, we like to take everyone and everything with us – For example: Beach days, one would normally only take the essentials. We take half our home and all our family members and friends with us. Why not though? It’s funny but it just goes to show how much we love spending time with our loved ones and we want to make sure that we have all the elements at our disposal to do so.

And if this list still doesn’t convince you, go to the link below and watch the video, it definitely describes best, what makes South Africa super special and a must visit tourist destination.

Go and read the rest of the article at:

And if you wanna check out some awesome snaps from around the country, I’ve added a link below for that as well. You’re welcome 🙂

Hope my fellow South Africans are as proud as what I am!

Good week at all! 🙂


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