Cape Town as you’ve never seen it before – LITERALLY!

So just because I’ve moved to another country temporarily, doesn’t mean i’m going to stop posting things I love about Cape Town, and when I came across this video during my usual daily troll of the net, it left me with goosebumps and a couple of tears in my eyes (I don’t know if its just me being homesick already or the fact that this video is the most beautiful depiction of a place that you can’t not feel anything when you watch it)

I found the video on a well know Cape Town lifestyle site called and it’s basically this photographer by the name of Brendon Wainwright who used something called a timelapse to showcase some A M A Z I N G footage of the city (mostly showing table mountain and lion’s head) and OMW I was completely blown away. Really one of the most awesome things I’ve seen all year probably (other than the Golden Gate Bridge 🙂 )

Fellow capetonians, if you guys didn’t believe that we live in the most beautiful city before, after watching this, I promise you that you will have no doubts. Kinda a lil proud and now I’m probably going to go to my new american friends and brag about it for a while.

Ps. You’ll probably want to go out and do some touristy stuff  after watching this. I felt like it, but then I remembered i’m like 10 trillion miles away….sadness.

Thank you Brendon Wainwright and thank you Cape Town for this. It really made my day 🙂


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