One month down in the big Bay Area


I’ve been in Oakland / San Francisco for just about a month now and I’m slowly but surely trying to find my way around and I kinda know where most things are but also not because there is like a million things to see and do in both areas. As I make my way around the Bay area (As its affectionally referred to as) I do what any other normal person who has moved away from home does…I start comparing. Do you find yourselves doing that too? Just like everything I see would sometimes remind me of things back home.

Like this road for instance:



It’s a road in San Francisco called Market street and it has all the shops and restaurants you can think of. Kinda like Adderly Street in Cape Town. Pretty awesome because it has everything you need. It’s quite a long road so if you ever come to San Francisco you gotta check it out, just make sure you have a LOT of energy to be prepared to walk. I was never prepared but have since walked the whole street twice whilst getting in some great exercise.

Then the cars:



And these people love their cars. Mustangs for days and some other cars I haven’t seen before. the coloured folk (mostly Mexicans) even do the whole shiny rim thing and if you hear really loud music from a car close by, you know it’s probably one of them driving by which is funny because we back home, love doing the same thing. Made me laugh the first time I saw it happening.

Every “Waterfront” area is where all the tourists flock to in every place.





Oh so i’m lead to believe. San Fran has a really cool Waterfront area that they call Pier 39 and it’s got boat rides, souvenir shops, restaurants and other touristy stuff. Really cool and everyone’s so friendly. It’s like that in Cape Town as well and it looks very similar. Except we should really invest in some cool transportation methods to get tourists there. There are busses and little trolley thingies that take can take you there from wherever you are in the city so no real walking required, which is awesome if you have bags with you or decide to do some shopping and don’t wanna struggle to get back to your hotel or something.

Oakland reminds me of the Cape Flats…except it’s not flat and has a pretty cool social lake area vibe.



I instagramed a pic of this some time ago and it really is that way! Oakland is more laid back than the city and more surburbany, if that makes sense. It’s got its own little charm and social aspect to it and it seems that most people know each other because they always hanging out at the same places which is cool and a lot more homely than hanging out in the city. Oakland even has a lake and things are always happening around this area that the locals know about and its really nice when the weather’s good.





So basically everything is pretty close by which makes it easier as well in terms of getting around. Just beware of all the hills…and there’s a lot of them, also some of the biggest I’ve seen for a suburb. Really interesting…tiring if you travelling by foot, but interesting to look at.

There’s a mountainy place called Twin Peaks that gives you quite amazing views of the city


Amazing indeed! And you can basically see everything from this point like you would Cape Town from Signal Hill or something. I had this moment standing there like WOAH! I can’t believe i’m on the other side of the world experiencing all this. Overwhelming but awesome at the same time.

When I told people I was going to San Francisco, the first thing they told me is that it’s a lot like Cape Town and now I see why. Very similar yes but also very different at the same time. I’ve never planned to be this long away from home before so I’m keen to experience life out here for the next couple of months and hopefully it gives me amazing stories to take and share back home.

I’m yet to do some more exploring, which has currently been put on hold due to the discovery of Netflix *giggles shamefully* but I’ll post more of my experiences as they happen.

Happy reading!


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