A good party for a good cause

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The night life seems to be a great life here in the Bay area, or so I’m lead to believe. You’re quite spoilt for choice when it comes to where you’re going to spend your Friday or Saturday nights, but what about your Sunday afternoons? One very well known club in Oakland, California actually had its doors open on this particular time for a good cause. A cause worth talking about, and a club event well attendedΒ by myself, fellow blogger and friend Kayla Layman (I’ve attached a link to her blog at the bottom) and Tamlyn Felix, along with many other individuals.







Causa Justa – Which means Just Cause in Spanish is an NPO that was born through mergers between black and Latino organisations and through rights based services, policy campaigns, civic engagement and direct action, they aim to improve conditions in their neighbourhoods in the San Francisco Bay area.


“Just Cause envisions equal rights for people of color, immigrants, women, and all oppressed and exploited people. We envision an end to racism, and want to build a society based on self-determination, social justice, and solidarity”.


So what brought them to the AU Lounge? Apparently quite the spot that hosts many day events dedicated to raising funds for organisations such as Causa Justa. I got to talk to the owner of the place who’s vision for AU Lounge (which means “Africans Unite”) was to create an environment for people of all cultures to come together, listen to call “Africany” type music and just have a good time. I even met someone who’s business consists of importing Ethiopian Beer (called “Meta” which actually tastes really good) to not only that club but many others in the surrounding areas. Nice work Halsten Chapman! Also can you organise a 6 pack sometime please?


I love how Africa has such a strong presence in places like these, and in fact most of the places I’ve been to. Just wants to make me brag when someone asks me where I’m from πŸ™‚

I can admire club owners who open their doors to organisations like these in aid of awareness for their cause and to help them in any way they can. We can party all night and bear the consequences (and most times there are) the next day but what about partying for a greater cause other than getting sloshed every other weekend? That’s how I felt at this event and I even managed to learn something new. Great work AU, You’ll definitely see me again for more events in the future.

DSCF8176Kayla with the owner of AU Lounge



Check out Causa Justa’s website for more information and how you can be a part of what they do at:Β http://www.cjjc.org/

And then also check out AU’s website and Facebook page to keep up to date with regular events taking place from Thursdays to Sundays atΒ http://www.auoakland.com/

And of course you have to check out Kayla’s blog, a newbie like me but has already written a few sweet posts which can be read onΒ https://kaleidoscopeexposure.wordpress.com/

Happy Reading!


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