Top 5 things that made me smile last week

I realised that I haven’t blogged this segment in a long time. But I thought it was time to bring it back, because I think it’s important that we remember the things that make us smile so that it motivates us to go back and do the same things that gave us happiness in that moment whether it be a pretty painting or a laugh shared with a friend and it’s often the little things that create the biggest smiles. These moments are always good to look back on. Like these things that happened to me last week.

1. Finally getting some beach time in the city



More specifically, Ocean Beach time in San Francisco. It had dark sand…that burnt my feet and looked weird, with super cold water that was far away from the parking lot. Lots of things I wasn’t used to but I was just so relieved to be on a beach that I just enjoyed the sun, the company of my friends and cooling myself in the water. I’m still bias to the beaches in Cape Town of course but being able to soak my feet in sea water again felt amazing. Hopefully I get to go back there before the summer is completely over.

2. Finding 3 New Amazing bloggers that made me troll their websites with a drooly face
So I still consider myself a newbie when it comes to blogging. I’ve only got 50 posts so far and they all about my life experiences, my insane love for my culture and Cape Town…and of course my obsession with good design and illustration. And like any other designer, my heart just melts when I see something that truly makes me appreciate creative talent…like these 3 bloggers I discovered last week. A M A Z I N G man!

– I_love_Illustration by Anneke Krull

10860082_918109528282080_1734582049_nArtwork Cred:Β

Her blog features some of the best contemporary fashion illustrations that are hot right now. Most of the work is simplistic but very catchy. I love the femininity about the work and basically just makes me happy to be a girly girl so that I can truly appreciate this type of art. LOVE it!
Follow her on:
Instagram: @I_love_Illustratiom
Twitter: @annekekrull

– Melissa Bailey

aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRm1lbGlzc2FiYWlsZXlpbGx1c3RyYXRpb24uY28udWslMkZtYmklMkZ3cC1jb250ZW50JTJGdXBsb2FkcyUyRjIwMTIlMkYxMiUyRmNocmlzdG1hcy1jYXJkLmpwZw==Artwork Cred:

With a classic illustration style, Melissa’s illustrations are soft on the eyes and has a classiness about it that makes you want to be the women in her art. There are a few daring examples she’s done and both directions are so pretty and just so good to look at. Glad I discovered this gem of a blog. Inspiring!

Instagram: @melissabaileyboo
Twitter: @melissabailey

– Birdy and Me by Kelly Smith


First off, can I just say that I want to live in this Instagram account. It is beyond perfection in every sense of the word. The design direction, the sexy illustrations, the photography!!! Just everything is more like it! With work done for Maybelline, Valentino, Armani and VOGUE its not hard to believe why these fashion houses wouldn’t hire this lady. The kind of work I wanna do one day, this blog is beyond inspiring to a young illustrator myself. I can’t wait to see what she posts next. Stalker mode activated! Only now it’s for something actually meaningful and does not include Facebook.

Instagram: @birdyandme

3. Lake Chalet in Oakland for half price Taco’s and Margherita’s


First off…this lake in Oakland man. Even at night is so amazingly beautiful and so when it came to supper that night, a little restaurant close to the lake was where I found myself and what’s better than Mexican food and alcohol right? A very social kinda place that has a bar and sitting area where you can eat, drink and be merry with your friends…or by yourself lol! With specials every day, it’s easy on the pocket too so all in all you get a lake view, selected half price drinks and great tasting food. Not too bad for a Tuesday evening. I probably would’ve gotten Mc Donalds again had I stayed in.

4. Hello Beautiful Oakland Waterfront area place




So far the only waterfront I’d been too was pier 39 in San Francisco. I wasn’t even aware that Oakland had a little water area itself…and I live in this area! I was pleasantly surprised to discover surprised to discover that they did and that it was actually quite vibey with many stalls, foodtrucks and restaurants. At the time I went, some food festival was being held there and the waterfront area was totally packed. I didn’t stay for too long but the weather was good and the visit was pleasant. I look forward to going back though and taking my time to discover all that it had to offer.

5. Aaannnnd Squat!

PrintOr run, or walk! Basically any form of exercise you think your body can handle. I tried, even though the health freaks here practically glide next to you like their lungs don’t actually need oxygen or anything. If anything I see it as motivation…and a slight annoyance…but mostly motivation. Since California is known for its insane heath status, I thought it should at least want me to get up 3 times a week and hurl my ass to the park for some cardio. It hasn’t but last week I was willing.Β I went hiking. Kinda figured that I could get in a workout plus explore some cool trails while i’m at it, so a win win situation.

Smiles are important just generally in life and I find that people don’t do enough of it each week. Doing small things that give you little bursts of happiness can make a difference in an otherwise bland day. So enjoy them, document them and remember to keep doing them if it means happiness for you.

Happy Reading! πŸ™‚


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