Something cool I designed for someone doing really awesome work in the world

Hello Everyone!

Yes, California has been keeping me super busy and this blog post has been waaayyyy overdue. Sorry man! But today’s post will tell you just why I’ve been so busy. I kinda decided to take my design expertise (what moderate level I possess) to international waters and have had the amazing opportunity to work with many clients while soaking up an extremely long but extremely pleasant summer in California. It is however winter now and it’s become pretty damn cold…all the more reason to stay in and write some blog posts for you amazing people.

I’ve never had to handle my own clients before (and now I truly value the perks of working in an agency with client service peoples) some have been friendly, others not so friendly but my favourite client (that I am still working with) has to be Zelna Lauwrens, originally from South Africa, who now lives in the UK. She found me on the popular marketing website and we’ve since worked hand in hand (well rather email by email) to put together the perfect brand for her and her company.


Zelna founded The Kids Life Studio and Kids Life Coach Academy and runs amazing workshops working with kids and their parents to reinforce a positive and healthy growth in these kids in every way possible. A pretty amazing profession if you ask me. It takes a special kind of person to take on what she has and if you ask me, we could do with more self-less caring individuals in this world that contribute to empowering and bettering the lives of other people. I can see her passion in the way she works with me when we discuss new projects. Clients who love what they do will make sure that you do too when working with them and in my experience these are the best kinds.




Flyer 1

Flyer 2

I really enjoyed working on this brand and I definitely look forward to creating more amazing work for her in the future.

Check out her website on to learn more about what she does.

Now I gotta go back to work, as they say “no rest for the wicked” especially when it comes to work. Give me a laptop with an extension cord and some WiFi and I’ll be good to go wherever I am.

Thanks for reading!

Oh and if you didn’t already know I have an online portfolio with some of my other work if you wanna sneak a peek sometime. I am still freelancing until further notice so if by any chance you like what you see and you need some design work done, you know where to find me.



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