They wanted me to do some cool design work for them and I said yes

visible-equity-imac-ui copy

At a top South African public Relations company? Of course I was going to say yes. Being part of a design studio since the start of my career 6 years ago was the only thing I knew. And it was great while it lasted but when the opportunity came for me to work in a completely different environment, I saw it as a challenge, a breath of fresh air a chance to branch out into something different.

20160118_08104120160115_10510320160115_105110The beautiful flower pressie they left for me…which I only saw on hour later (must have been the excitement) but thought it was super sweet.

20160118_08205320160118_08105520160118_095749The King James Group has some pretty cool artwork around the offices. This is just one many hanging around.

20160115_144336My new work desk! Excuse the little mess πŸ™‚

So I started a little over a week ago at the well known Atmosphere Communications, (I shared some photos above. They even got me flowers and treats. Really nice!) who form part of the famous King James Group started by Alister King and James Barty. I was a little nervous given that I haven’t been in a corporate environment for close to 6 months. I had so much thoughts running through my mind but I was worried for nothing. First days can be daunting but based on my experience now and in the past I’ve compiled a short list of ways to make your first day on the job as smooth as possible.

1. Try and be early. Or better yet, just be early

It shows enthusiasm and excitement on your part. Being late…even if it wasn’t your fault says that you don’t consider the job important and that you are uninterested. But this is common sense. Arriving early also gives you time to gather your thoughts, have a look around and relax before getting into everything. Imagine rushing and then getting to your job on the first day with all flustered and un-contained. You probably will get a subtle evil eye from your employer.

2. Listen

Because you actually need to. You don’t know how things work around the office and every place is different. Even if you want to chime in, don’t do it while the office management and dynamics are being explained to you, unless you asking questions to obtain more knowledge. Which brings me to my next point…

3. Be curious

Normally curiosity apparently kills the cat but I don’t think so in this case. If you are wanting to know more about the company you’ll be working for, it will only benefit you and it tells your employer that you really interested in the way things work and everything that goes on within your new office space. The more information you acquire, the more you can do your job better

Β 4. Try to learn everyone’s names

Because people like it when you’re able to call them by name instead of getting the confused “who are you again but I really need something from you” look. I know I get annoyed when someone does it to me so please man – just try to take note. It’s good manners and you’ll make friends quicker.

5. Don’t be that forward, loud person on your first day

Just don’t. No one likes someone that just runs their mouths about anything and everything on the first day. Yes it is good to socialize but I think you have to be chilled about it. Gradually settle it and do it at a good pace. Being the loud know it all who laughs for everything to kiss ass isn’t cool…unless you just are a natural person like that, in which case I can’t help you with and can only hope that you don’t say too much too soon in your new environment…or get too many irritation glares.

These are not hardcore do or die tips. Just a share on my experience which I hope will give you a good experience on your first day / week at a new job. I’m quite settled in now and I excited to be part of something different and interesting. Dipping my fingers into the PR industry feels new…but very good. Watch this space! Or follow me on Twitter for updates. I usually do most of my tweeting while at work πŸ™‚

As always, thanks for reading




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