The most simpliest thing made me smile the most last week


Normally when I’d do a recap of things from the week past, I’d mention what made me smile but this time I decided to just include one thing that caused me to get the kinds of smile that hurt your cheeks. And the reason behind it this is a (free) trip up Table Mountain 🙂

You probably thinking, why the hell is she going on about something simple that can easily be done everyday but actually (and quite embarrassingly so) the last time I was on the top of Table Mountain was probably when I was 7 or 8 years old (whatsapp can’t watch monkey emotji) Bad I know…….But just listen and here me out. We all have lives and sometimes certain lives are a little busier than others. Well in my case I juggle a very busy work and personal life so any free time I get usually sees me trying to fit in a power nap somewhere. I realised though that this actually shouldn’t be an excuse though. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world (YES people, the world) but the very sad truth is that most Capetonians, including myself often disregard the natural aspect of it and we just take it for granted like “Oh its table mountain, it will always be there…..or it’s only a beach. I’ll go again some other time” These are just some of the things I say to myself in fact when I see these natural beauties and think “I’m too busy or I’m too tired, I can’t stop here now”.


Someone offered me a free trip up to help on a work related project and I said yes. Mostly of course because it was free (don’t judge, you know we all like free stuff) but also because I saw it as the opportunity I always pushed aside and when I eventually got up there, I was like “Whoa…I live here???? Since when?” A slight exaggeration but I was literally like staring at everything with an open mouth. The view, the atmosphere, the weather. Everything was perfect, almost as if it was a sign telling me that I was meant to enjoy this perfect experience.



From that moment I decided then and there that I was not going to allow my busy life to keep me away from experiences like these again. I mean we have such amazing places to explore and things to see. How are we supposed to promote our home when we don’t even know what it really looks like? I’m thankful for this realisation and now I can encourage others to do the same! So just go out and run around Cape Town, and take lots of pictures and share it with othersand smile while doing so. Our city has many things about it that makes it special and we should definitely try to experience every rock, every flower, every side road and side trial and every beach strip.

Hopefully my Instagram account can vouch for my new found love for my city J

As always, thank you for reading!



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