Last Weeks Top 3 Favourites

PrintNormally I have fun but last week was busy. Really busy. On the road (I was literally squished between 2 Golden Arrow buses at one point) and at work (doing really nice PR/Design work) We also had our much anticipated State Of The Nation address by our “favourite” president which everyone anticipated seeing as though our country is in such great “shape” right now. Please don’t see my sarcasm as anti-patriotism, I love my country more than most people (I did create a blog to chat about life in Cape Town) but I am a little frustrated as I’m sure most if not all South African’s are. But that’s a topic for another time.

On a much lighter note, I made a list of things that made me smile last week 🙂

1. I found new amazing bloggers to follow

I’ve been blogging for just under a year now still trying to find my feet on the kind of messaging and specific topics I want to discuss that is appropriate to the style of the blog. I’ve been trying to find similar bloggers with the same kind of “vision” that I have and last week I found 3 really cool bloggers who I think share the same vision as I do.

Door Sixteen

Door sixteen

This lifestyle / design blog encompasses creativity and quirkiness with a comfortable tone that makes you feel good when you read her posts. As a fellow creative like her, I like things that inspire me to do design better with each job / project I take on and a non intimating place to look for it helps a lot, which this blog is. Besides the design part, her openness in the way she talks about her life is quite interesting as well. I think if we going to let people into our lives, we should always try to do so in an inviting and appropriate way.

Painting in Pink

painting in pink

This blog is soooo pretty, in every way possible. I went through it and smiled all the way. It just has a really “feel good” tone that comes through via the writing style and just the whole tone of the blog. I like that the blogger is not your typical fashionista type but yet taps into fashion from her point of view which isn’t intimating or made to make you feel like you cannot achieve what she’s showing to you. And she’s a mom! And a very cool one at that. A simple, down to earth, classy and beautiful way of sharing her life (and she’s local by the way!) has definitely made “Painting in Pink” one of my favourite South African blogs.

The Jungalow


First of all I just want to live in this lady’s world. Second of all, I want to make everything she posts and that’s part of what makes her blog so effing interesting. It’s all about DIY and using what you have in a creative way. We know we like to impress our visitors when they come around so that they can talk about how awesome our deco is and then we hear it through the grapevine and feel proud and stuff. Well that’s me at least, but now I can do even more with the inspiration this blog provides. Please check it out when you can? It really shows you how to do amazing things with the most simpliest of materials. Be that person who makes his / her home the most interesting. I know you wanna brag and here’s your chance to do it 🙂

2. Embracing the best comfort in Cape Town

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 8.27.05 AM

So like I mentioned before, last week was a tough one and on Friday I suddenly had the urge to go out and get an Aneesa’s chip and vienna parcel (if you’re from Cape Town, you should know what I’m talking about and if you aren’t, please do yourself a favour and go and try out asap!)

Aneesa’s forms part of the many traditional cape malay fast food stops that we have here and they sell many types of traditional dishes and while they probably would rarely get mentioned on a lifestyle blog, I think it deserves a mention here as I’ve never felt happier eating a meal in a long time as I did on Friday lol! Of course not the most healthiest of food choices, but I don’t really believe in diets and I was in binge mood and the only thing I thought would hit the spot was that taste of spice and sauce…and it really did! And to make me feel better about it, I made my boyfriend binge with me, which he was only too happy to do.

I didn’t take a photo of the meal as I was in vrat mode (a slang term used for being glutenous) and literally devoured my food in like 2 minutes but I promise to show you guys next time…or better yet, next time I should do a more detailed post on these amazing places for the foodies who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty while enjoying their meal.

3. I found a new place in Kalk Bay to eat at


This is no surprise as you guys probably know I am always in Muizenberg / Kalkbay / Fishhoek area (this is quite prominent on my Twitter and Instagram feeds) It’s my favourite part of the Cape Town and I love discovering new places and things to do there…which I did on Sunday morning.

With it being Valentines Day and all, Tyrone asked me what I wanted to do and obvs my first response was “Lets go to Kalkbay” (We were probably going to go that way whether it was Vday or not) And upon looking for a place to have a late breakfast, I spotted this place randomly from the road and we decided to check it out. When I saw it was a very contemporary burger bar, I got so excited. Among other stuff, burgers are like one of my favourite things in the world (I once ate a burger in under 1 minute but more on that in another post) And ofcourse the burgers were amazing and not too badly priced! (See? That’s why you need to spend more time in Kalk Bay lol) The place is called Tigers Burger Bar, which I think is an extention of the popular Tiger’s Milk in Muizenberg. Either way it’s definitely a place I’d like to go back to and so worth checking out if you ever in the area. (Just come visit ok?) 🙂

As always, thank you for reading and have an amazing week



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