Midweek Motivational


I haven’t done a serious piece in a while, mostly because I don’t want to be another raging individual getting my panties in a knot for something I can’t change but want to make the most noise about. I do believe that personal growth and individual happiness is important though – so if I can make the next person manage to smile, then my job is done for the day.

There are so much things happening right now. I used to kinda block out the negative but since my recent dive into the world of PR I’m surrounded by it a lot having to constantly be on news sites, listening to talks and reading the newspaper. Sometimes I think how can so much crap happen in such a beautiful place? And then I hear people stress and complain about it and I’m just on the side thinking “personal vibe officially killed”.

It isn’t that I don’t want to face all the issues going on in the county, I’m just getting tired of reading about the problems and not reading enough about the solutions. Solutions make me happy. And if you don’t have a solution just let it go. The world is angry as it is and more of that never solved anything. Nowadays people want to bite before they even give you a chance to finish what you’ve said. No one needs that negativity but anger is brought on by more anger and so forth. Solving problems takes time, patience and positive emotions but if we all screaming and shouting at the same time, how is anything going to get solved?

Quote 2-01.jpgWe have to practice not allowing something certain things to affect us so negatively that we think the world is crashing down and there’s nothing we can do to prevent it. I’m not blocking out the bad anymore, I just choose to not allow myself to be sucked into the depression which is most of SA right now. I always want to see the good and I definitely believe in solutions and in the spirit of self preservation I firmly believe that you either “Let it go” or “do something to make it happier” Easier said than done though but just remember even the smallest changes can make a difference to your well-being and that of other people as well.

Hope you enjoyed the read and just remember that life is too short for the stress. I know I don’t feel any better after a bitter rant so what’s the use? So not worth it. Your well-being is definitely more important. Keep the stress levels down and the happiness up 🙂

Thank you for reading!



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