Facelift mode officially activated


I’ve been blogging on and off for a year now. I’ve gotten some followers (mostly through begging and bribery) and also some legit people really interested in what I have to say. For which ever reason you decided to subscribe. THANK YOU ALL so much! And this is part of the reason why acolourfconfession will be in hibernation for a while. Well for as long as it takes to come back strong visually as well as more efficiently for the plan I have in place for my blog.

I’ve seen bloggers tell many stories through their sites. Some talk about fashion and make up, some talk about travel and some just talk about other things they really like. A few talk about inspiration and the majority of successful bloggers are enjoying fame and blogging about that too.

My reason for blogging is simple. Authenticity. In a way that only a cape coloured typical girl next door, who isn’t really the girl next door can. And to do this in a way that others can relate to. Allowing people to read my stories without feeling intimated or threatened (Yes, social media DOES makes us jealous, no matter how much we want to admit that it doesn’t) I used to look at other people’s social media platforms and think “This person must be born with money, how can he/she afford to post about so much fancy places or things?” or “This person is only so popular because they are good looking etc” And lets be honest, a small portion of it is true. To some, telling stories is more about being flashy whereas it should be about sharing experiences through meeting new people, and a willingness to do new things that will inspire others to do new things no matter their background, culture, race, current situation.

Perhaps, with my situation, I am getting ahead of myself but we have to start somewhere and I want my blog and its platform to be the best it possibly can, not just for me but for those reading my posts as well.

And in order for all of the above to happen. I believe that a site refresh is definitely in order. So next time I’ll be posting from a new acolourfulconfession site. Hopefully with some more colour, more experiences and more lessons.

I look forward to your continued support and encouragment when the new blog is up and running. All the kind words have been amazing so far and I am extremely appreciative of it all.

Til next time!




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