Things I think / hope will be trending in 2017

Ok so if you’ve met me in person you’ll know that I don’t really follow trends. I’m quite open to most things and if I like it, i’m going to use it / buy it. If I don’t, I’ll talk about it a little (maybe) and then move on to something else more interesting to me.

However now that I find myself in PR where its kind of our business to know whats happening all the time, I’m making more of an effort to see what’s (cool) out there and in this post I highlight some things trends that I think (and hope) and could be pretty big this year, especially with regards to Cape Town and our culture.

1 / Going Natural

It was announced close to the end of 2016 but the official colour of 2017 is Pantone 15-0343, also known as Greenery. described it as “refreshing and a revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings”


Just to give you a bit of context, choses a colour each year. I don’t know what this is quite based on but I must admit, I’m feeling the earthy vibes. There are many places around the world that have embraced “going organic” and now that I think of it, I’ve noticed there are actually quite a few places in Cape Town that are heading in the same direction as that. A good example is Yours Truly on Kloof Street. See below.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 9.44.17 PM.png

The deco has a modern touch that compliments the natural feel they’re going for. And every time I drive past its packed with visitors so it seems that others would agree with me too. Go pop in next time you’re in Kloof or check out their very cool website at

Based on the success of this kind of spaces, predict a lot more places going the same route. There’s just something ultra sleek about an “urban jungle” vibe that gives you a good time but also friendly to the environment. All around winning.

Other green colour pallets are also proving to be quite popular in general deco as well as wedding themes.

Styled by: The Aleit Group | Shot by: Zara Zoo Photography
Styled by:  Serendipity Bridal and Events | Shot by:  Stacey Windsor Photography


Contrasted against our beautiful mountain / ocean views I think it’s the perfect colour for everything modern, stylish and earthy. Aaahhh…decoration goals for real 🙂


Photographs: Megan Andersen Read


2 / Graphic Patterning

A trend that has always been here, and I think, has just evolved over time. Now we are seeing more of a variety with mediums such as photography with vector shapes, hand drawn patterns and so much more. I pulled some inspiration from Pinterest and literally had to contain myself from adding hundreds of examples. Can you tell how obsessed I am?








You’ll often see many variations of patterns in and around the city of Cape Town, all expressed differently but all in some way quite vivid and bold, whether it be in a grafitti piece or seen on someone’s clothing. I also think its very much culture driven and as that aspect of our city grows, so does the art associated with it. Below are some local examples. Two graffiti pieces that can be found in Woodstock and 2 from an upcoming Illustrator featured on


Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 12.07.10 PM.png


Source: Tyla Mason

Patterning was big hit at Design Indaba last year and came through very strongly in fashion, product and graphic design examples. I’m sure we’ll see more bolder and more expressive pieces at this years Indaba.

3 / Street Wear


This scene is becoming so big in Cape Town that it’s hard to keep track of all the brands making their debuts. I’m not really into the whole street wear thing but I can’t deny its coolness and the feeling that comes with having a distinct item of clothing that not only looks good, but represents our Cape Town culture that we are so proud of.

One brand really making waves in this department is the local 2bop label. Now I had to do a little bit of research on this brand because the only thing I could remember was that they made colourful tamagochi jackets and I couldn’t figure out why? A colleague (who actually has one of these jackets) then explained the concept to me and I was pleasantly surprised at the angle taken. Local “corner shop gaming” in Cape Town is just one of those things that resonates with us because its what we did to keep busy after school or over weekends and it make me a little nostalgic and nothing works better than hitting those heart strings (well for me anyways).


This brand is definitely getting it right and others are taking note so be prepared for an even bigger influx of street wear in Cape Town.

4 /  Virtual Reality

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 12.45.29 PM.png

Aaah quite a biggie this one. But I’m excited! I’m not really familiar with VR with regards to how exactly I can use it to create awesome virtual experiences (other than being completely fascinated at how many places I can look at when I put it on) but I’m learning fast and I think we all need to because this is hitting us fast whether we like it or not.

I remember going to a Dion Chang talk in about August / September last year. He’s some what of a trend journalist but has amazing sessions in which he discusses current issues, especially with regards to advancing technology. In this specific talk I went to, he spoke about VR and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and showed us just how far this technology could be taken and the possibilities are amazing but also a little bit scary (mostly amazing thought).

Pretty soon VR will be everywhere and on everyone’s lips. It’s already huge in the gaming world and user experiences are just growing by the day. Cape Town even has its own VR gaming arcade. Situated in Stadium on main, it looks like it could be an awesome experience. See video below.

How cool does this look?? For more information such as price lists and their wide variety of games go to their website

I’ve got my own VR gear but the trend report stated that more brands in terms of new marketing tactics are embedding VR technology within its branding / packaging so that uses can also have tailored experiences. Very clever! Brands take note!

5 / Distinct places / spaces

I’ve noticed a very big trend with this, and I touched on it in my first point (the Yours Truly café style that I mentioned) that it seems people are wanting a more tailored experience when it comes to the places they chose to hang out at.

According to the Trend Report the consumers are wanting to engage with spaces that have a “members only” touch but also speaks to them in terms of what the desire when going out. They also use the term “instagrammable” in which they talk about the fact that when people are out, they’re going to want to take photos and where for they post these photos? You get what I’m saying. In a world where social media is king and almost everything is added to a specifically curated feed, it wouldn’t hurt the brand in question if they had to be featured by happy customers.

One brand that I’ve always admired for giving their clientele a 360 experience is Exclusive Books. It’s like a store and upmarket library in one. You can browse books or sit and relax whilst reading in store. They also have coffee shops and kiddies areas so it really does become a lifestyle activity that allows you to not only embrace your reading passion, but everything that does with that as well.


Another brand that has done very well with providing an upmarket experience in Cape Town is Belvedere Vodka. Their secret rooftop bar has been a success from the time of launch and I know because my colleagues went to every event and raved about the whole experience. having something exclusive long enough so that it becomes a “thing” but not long enough for it to become outdated is an awesome plan. Keeps the brand relevant and makes its customers feel part of something exclusive. Check out the amazing photos below.

belvedere-vodka-walk-the-rampPhotography by The Wine Girl

I’m kind of the same though and because I’ve got very specific interests (that I also like to share on social media) I’d rather visit a place that caters to that than to just go anywhere for the sake of being out.

First Thursdays is a good example of an event that takes place in Cape Town, creating a specific experience for art lovers and foodies. And similar to this many other places are noticing and creating such interactive with their respective crowd.


Another trend similar to this are pop up stores. I like them and I would really like to see more of them. The fact that I’m the few that will be able to get my hands on something unique that won’t be sold again makes me feel special and don’t we all like to feel that way. ESPECIALLY Capetonians. We love to have our egos stroked. When the Yeezy pop up store happened last year, people went crazy and if our brands can tap into this concept more carefully, it could really prove to be a successful marketing gimmick where everyone wins.




So those are my predictions for the coming year with regards to trends that I think and hope will grow because they’re all cool / modern concepts that most people are after nowadays. I’m sure we’ll see more variations for consumers from brands, I’m especially keen for our local brands to do some exciting stuff. Will definitely be keeping tabs on them and the rest of the industry for some amazing design initiatives.

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