Farewell to another South African legend

He was described as so many things – kind, caring, humble to name a few but we cannot deny that Ahmed Kathrada was nothing short of a hero in a country where heroes have become a rare thing.

He was one of the last generation still living that fought during the apartheid struggle along with Andrew Mlangeni and Dennis Goldberg. Mlangeni and Goldberg are now the only surviving duo of the Rivonia Trial which took place between 1963 and 1964 and which led to the imprisonment of Nelson Mandela.

These men basically gave their lives so that our country could finally be free from apartheid and have all continued to work towards a better South Africa even into their old age. Ahmed Kathrada, along with his comrades, lived his life with impeccable values. The kind that makes you so amazingly proud to know that our country raised amazing human beings like him and the likes of Nelson Mandela.

It’s hard to imagine our country without him but we remember him for what he stood for and the hard fight he fought to ensure that we got the most out of living in South Africa.

I’ve put together a very colourful designed collection of some of his quotes in honor of this many wise words. May they inspire you as they have me.

Quote 1-01.jpg

Sources: https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2013-12-09-glory-days-robben-island-comrades-remember-mandela/#.WNu0Io4lEfE

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