My 7 favourite ways to spend Easter in Cape Town

How has it already been 40 days and night? Lent went by so quickly and now its almost Easter, which in Cape Town translates to chocolates, public holidays, pickle fish and some other local traditions.

And here are my top 7 favourite ways to spend Easter when I’m home for the weekend.

1 / Eating unlimited Easter Eggs

Unlimited Easter Eggs.gif

They’re EVERYWHERE! I swear its like a special campaign for chocolate and like everyone else, I jump on that band wagon and feel no guilt at all whist doing so. If people are going to keep shoving chocolate into my face, then I’m just going to keep eating them. I’ve already been eyeing my nephews (accumulated) stash. He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m getting in on that as well. I need to teach him from an early age that sharing is caring 🙂

2 / Sleeping in


There’s like 2 extra public holidays that come with Easter and I plan on using those morning wisely and when I say wisely, I mean sleeping until 12pm. No 5:30 alarm clocks, no traffic and no work. It’s the simple pleasures.

3 / Hot Cross buns, Hot Cross buns, and more Hot Cross buns,

A Good Friday tradition with so many variations on how to enjoy it. People get really into it and I’ve had some good buns over the years. I’m going to try some different serving suggestions myself. Buzzfeed also has some tasty ideas if you’re keen but if not, they’re always still pretty amazing on their own.

4 / Spending time with friends and family


If you struggle with maintaining some sort of social life like I do, then these public holidays help A LOT with spending family and friendly time. I find that having home gatherings work the best. Braai’s, dinners, or just coming over for a chat. I like staying in and socialising from the comfort of my couch. The roads always get busy and the cops are deep on the prowl around this time so I like it keep it very simple and cosy in that way.

However if I do feel the urge to go out

5 / I check out some of the local places.


Like the pub down the road, or that restaurant I’ve been wanting to try but just haven’t gotten the time. Around Easter, if we did go out, it was always to a casual local hangout and we had just as much fun as we would going to a fancy club or restaurant. Muizenberg has such amazing little places that provides a good atmosphere as well as being easy on the pocket and you’re almost always guaranteed to get a view wherever you decide to go there.

6 / Spending time at the beach

Beach Walk.gif

One of my favourite things to do, I don’t really need an excuse but the fact that winter is coming up fast and furiously might mean less beach days so I think now would be the perfect time to squeeze in some beach walks while we still have the time and some sun left.

Seapoint promenade is good for a stroll as well and Blouberg has some really pretty views and picnic spots.

7 / No work on Friday or Monday which means as little road time as possible.


And this already makes me super excited. If you have to drive into town everyday, I’m sure you can relate.


(Now for some pre Good Friday hot cross buns)

Sources: GIFS by Giphy

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