How hashtagged is your hood? Introducing the Virtual Realty report by online property disruptor PropertyFox

Thank you so much to those that showed appreciation for my last post on design work (yes I know it was like a month ago, but I’m going to get better at posting more frequently I swear). I liked that you guys liked the content and so I’m going to start showing much more cool design stuff in the future, including more of my own, starting with this amazing project I got to be a part of a few months back.

If you’re a graphic designer (and I don’t know how many of you reading this are), then you know that a lot of the time, clients make you work on a lot of shitty un-creative projects, however once in a while you actually get a client who understands what good design is, and then projects (like the one below) are born and makes you reaffirm your love of design.

Atmosphere Communications online property client, PropertyFox, wanted to create and release a property report, but they wanted it to be completely different from the stock-standard annual reports released by all traditional estate agencies in SA. I worked with Creative Director, Dan Pinch who conceptualized the idea and the first ever annual Virtual Realty report was produced– a report comprised entirely of data gathered from the Instagram posts of everyday consumers in 2016.

Propertyfox Realty Report FINAL.jpg

The idea here was to give consumers more property options if the top hash-tagged ‘hood’ was a tad out of their price range. While working on this, I found the stats quite interesting. Of course I was not surprised by Camps Bay taking the no.1 spot for the most instagrammed “hood” as Cape Town came out on top for the top instagrammed city, beating Jozi and Durban but I never doubted our mother city for a second 🙂

Propertyfox Realty Report FINAL3Propertyfox Realty Report FINAL4Propertyfox Realty Report FINAL5

What I enjoyed most about putting this project together was the fact that I had complete creative freedom over the artwork. I loved illustrating all the little buildings and characters for the report and I think my vector direction matched well to the South African feel with my colour pallet chosen to communciate this too.

Propertyfox Realty Report FINAL6Propertyfox Realty Report FINAL7Propertyfox Realty Report FINAL8Propertyfox Realty Report FINAL9Propertyfox Realty Report FINAL10Propertyfox Realty Report FINAL11Propertyfox Realty Report FINAL12

The client loved what we put together and since its release, the Virtual Realty report has gotten impressive coverage from appreciation tweets from influencers, to extensive media coverage in prominent magazines and newspapers. Definitely my biggest moment in PR so far. It’s even been entered for some design awards, please hold thumbs for me!

When you have a moment, pop over to the PropertyFox website and have a look at what they do. They’ve been pretty successful in the property industry and I believe they’ll only get stronger going forward.

And if you’d like to see my full creative breakdown feel free to head over to my Behance account. Thank you! 🙂




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