Getting creative with style sheets from Cotton On

Lately I’ve been trying to illustrate as much as possible and there are some amazing Illustrators from Cape Town that I’ve been drawing inspiration from. From the likes of AmICollective to Adam Hill and so much more! Even though inspiration comes from what we see all over the world, I do believe that the best kind usually resides just under your nose and we definitely have some local design flavour that’s so hot.

So when I got briefed to do some Cotton On style sheets for media, I took that opportunity to try out some fun illustrative work to go alongside the pieces featured.

I’ve never really experimented with photography and illustration so this was something new and I really enjoyed putting this artwork together.

Cotton On blog-01

Head over to my Behance account for a full creative break down of each sheet. Hopefully some more illustration briefs come my way, really feeling that this is an area I’d like to grow in creatively.

And as always, thanks for having a look 🙂


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