These are just some of the questions that people like to ask me:

Your blog is about many different topics.  What is the main focus?

I don’t really have a “main” focus but one thing I do want my blog to do over and above everything is educate and inspire those who visit it. By proudly promoting my home and aspects in my life that get me excited and lead to happiness, I hope that it will pleasantly encourage others to embrace their lives in the best possible way by making use of what’s in front of them instead of what they need to acquire to do so.

You like to include a segment that recaps a week gone by. Why do you do this?

I’m as nostalgic as the next person…which I think is a good thing, especially when reminiscing about times that created a moment that made you smile. In a world where we’ve become so desensitized to corruption, war, crime, recession etc. It can really be hard to find a reason to be happy in this day and age. We are often too busy looking at the bigger picture to notice these little moments happening right under our noses. So by creating this segment, I hope to show people that there are always reasons to smile no matter how insignificant they might seem.

What programs do you use to put your posts together?

Most of the time I just add my photos from my device to the post without much editing. I don’t believe in too many “collagy” (yes, I made up that word now but you get what I’m saying) type posts as it can distract and sometimes confuse your readers so big bright images will always get my vote. However, if I do feel the need to get a little creative with some “type on picture” stuff, I’ll use Adobe Illustrator CC and if I want to do some very subtle photo edited, I go to Adobe Photoshop CC.

What kind of design do you do?

I studied Graphic Design and obtained a degree in this field. This basically means I can do: Layout design for print media (brochures, books, print ads, newspapers, magazines etc as well as social media and online banners). Brand and marketing manuals (Logos, corporate identities and point of sale campaigns). Illustration (hand and digital) and hopefully pretty soon I’m going to explore web design and animation. Watch this space!

Where did you obtain your Graphic Design qualification?

I went to Cape Peninsula University of Technology located in Cape Town city centre where I studied for 3 years to obtain my national diploma. I then went on to obtain my Degree 2 years after that at the same institution but at a different branch located in Belville.

What are your hobbies?

Reading, writing, trolling design sites online and of course blogging 🙂

And interests?

Too many too mention but you’ll pick that up on my blog. Design is my first love but I also have a passion for exploring, experiencing nature, bonding with animals and anything that gets me inspired or gives me the opportunity to inspire others. I also enjoy family life and spend a lot of my free time with various family members, my boyfriend and very close friends.

Why did you choose to go from advertising into PR?

I’m not really doing the hardcore PR work that my colleagues are doing. I’m just the chick that makes their work look pretty from a visual perspective so still in the trade but just in another industry if that makes sense? I am still working within the King James Group so I’m still kinda within the advertising space.